Bobby Lee Murphy -

Still writing & recording songs – and in an effort to revive the love of romance, that stirs the soul, while tugging for hope (which is what really melts the heart), Bobby does most of the instrumentation (except the drums) and most of the vocal work on his CDs.  He says, “When I’m really lucky, I get the help of some awesomely talented people, and that always seems to give extra special magical wings to the project.

“I had to get a real job to afford my music habit, but that’s OK.  I get to build houses for people to live in, so they will have a place to play my music … when it finally gets out of the basement!!!”  As he makes this comment he laughs, and opens a drawer full of pictures showing that he has played music with a variety of people from the old school.  These pictures include FireFall’s Jock Bartley and Rick Roberts, Poco, Chicago, Big Al and the Hi Fi’s, Flash Cadillac, the late Tommy Bolin and even opening gigs for the Everly Brothers and Paul Revere and the Raiders.  You can hear Bobby say, “I may be an ‘Old Fart’ but the music keeps me young at heart.  There’s no limit to where sound can take you – if you let it – the more love in the music, the higher you can fly”

When asked if he still wants to “make it in the music business”, his reply is “Well, I guess that’s everyone’s dream … but I don’t count on it.  So if my friends like my music, well that’s enough for me”.  Still, don’t be too surprised if one night you drop into a coffee house and catch his “One Man Band” act where he has a full sound using two drum machines, four guitar synthesizers, playing bass pedals with his feet, performing his “all original” show.  Oh yeah, did I fail to mention that he also runs the light show and plays several songs on the steel guitar.  Even though with a chuckle he says, “It may be more fun to watch me than it is to listen!” you might just find yourself going home at the end of the night with a renewed spirit of hope, for the possibilities that life can give us – if we just give it a chance. 

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Upcoming New Release

Released May 15, 2018

"Acoustic/Percussion" CD

Featuring Christian Teele on Percs


Still Dreamin'