There is a book we all can read
Precious words bringing hope
To lift you up and let you know
Even the blind will clearly see
What you will find can set you free

The story unfolds of a special man
He’ll always show you the truth
Through the love He gives to me and you
Helping us to understand
Leaving footprints in the sand


One day when you meet Him
With tears of joy you’ll run to greet Him
Then He will tell you “You’re safe from harm”
Well how will you feel when you hear him say
“There are no more heartaches to pay”
----- Then You’ll be -----
Holding Heaven In Your Arms

He knows your name – He knows you needs
Cause He walked a mile in your shoes
Takes the soul – And Makes it new
With His stripes you are healed
So follow the spirit and let It lead you

He laid down His life because He knew
And in the garden He knelt
You can’t imagine how He felt
Love in His heart just for you
Tears in His eyes hoping you will choose